What To Say


With the advances in technology (and the distraction it provides), people’s attention spans have significantly dropped.

Unless you’re recording a tutorial video, we recommend keeping your videos short.

(1-2 minutes is an ideal length, keep it short and snappy!)

Your script should compose the following elements:

1. A Hook

– Why they should watch your video
– What’s in it for them

2. An Intro

– Who you are as the presenter
– Why they should listen to you (state your credentials)
– What you’re going to show them

3. Content Delivery

– Keep it concise.
– 1 or 2 learning points per video is fine

4. A Bonus/Offer

– An incentive to go deeper with you

5. A Call To Action

– What action you want the viewer to take next, for example:
– Opt in to your email list
– Watch the next video on your channel
– Visit your website.






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