Website Traffic


The Secret Ingredient


Traffic really is your secret ingredient.

It’s the key that proves to Google that you’re relevant.

We’re giving away our SEO secrets here but that’s fine: we’re here to serve you and if you’re reading this then we want to give you value.


How To Get Traffic

You might be thinking: well how do I get traffic in the first place when I’m trying to rank organically in Google’s search engine?

The simple answer is paid traffic e.g. through Google Ads (Pay Per Click).

A quick tip here: don’t rely on SEO as a sole means for your website traffic. Always diversify. Putting all your eggs into one basket is a risky strategy.

– If the idea of paying for Ads fills you with dread, hire someone to regularly post on social media and drive traffic back to your website.


Geo Targeted Traffic Is Key

If you’re in a highly competitive niche then the quality of your traffic also matters.

Google’s not going to give much credence to your traffic if the majority of it is coming from third world countries but your business serves local customers in London.


Find The Treasure

You don’t need to go crazy here and spend your entire marketing budget on paid traffic.

But if you’re sensible you’ll understand that running a few paid ads to your website can help you dial in on buyer keywords – i.e. the ones that convert.

Hint: These are the keywords you should be targeting when it comes to SEO.

We hope you enjoyed that last golden nugget 🙂






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