On Page


Building Your Structure


You’ve identified your keywords, so what’s the next step?

It’s your On Page SEO.

Consider this to be the foundation of your optimisation efforts.

Get this right and you’ll need less ‘Off Page SEO’.


So what is On Page SEO all about?

There’s numerous factors in play.

On Page is all of a website’s elements that you can change and which are in your control.


We’re talking about:

Title tags
URL structure
Use of Media (Images/Video)
Easy Navigation
Mobile responsiveness
Page load speed
Website security (https over http)
Content marketing

… and more.

Perfecting your On Page SEO is a skill set of it’s own.

Unless you’re a complete tech geek, we don’t recommend that you do it all yourself.

Hire a professional and get it right.


Get it wrong and your whole optimisation campaign will collapse.






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