Off Page


Quality Over Quantity Wins


Off Page SEO is basically anything that happens away from your website.

In the main, this is about acquiring backlinks and social signals.


What Is A Backlink?

It’s a clickable link from someone else’s website back to yours.

The text that goes in the clickable section (usually blue in colour) is referred to as ‘Anchor Text’.


Become Relevant To The Search Engines

Appropriate use of anchor text helps Google to determine what your website is about.

So if you’re all about plumbing then it can help your website to get backlinks with anchor text related to your niche, e.g. Plumber in London, Emergency Plumbers open late night, Reputable plumbing company … etc.


Avoid A Penalty

A word of caution here:

Don’t go crazy over backlinks.

Quality backlinks (from a reputable source e.g. a news site) matter far more than the quantity of backlinks.

In the current algorithm Google is hyper sensitive to the types of backlinks that a website acquires.

We’d highly recommend that you outsource your link acquisition to an SEO professional because your link profile needs to look natural, not manipulated.

The last thing you want is an over optimisation penalty and for your website to disappear so far down the search pages that no one ever finds you.






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