Keyword Research


Which Keywords Should You Target?


The first step to performing any kind of Search Engine Optimisation (or Pay Per Click advertising) is identifying what keywords to go after.

Here’s 3 methods to help you get started:


1. The Google Keyword Planner (GKP) Tool

Type in a main keyword for your niche (e.g. plumbers london) into GKP and the tool will return you a list of related keywords and the impressions that you can expect to receive for each of those keywords.

If you’re paying for Google Ads, the tool will be unlocked for you and will also return the monthly search volume for each of those keywords.

Repeat this for all the websites on the first page of Google. You’ll notice some patterns.


2. Reverse Engineer The Competition

Type in your main keyword and view the page source (right click the mouse) of your competitors’ homepage.

Use the control f buttons on your keyboard to bring up the ‘Find in page’ sub menu and in this box type in ‘keyword’ (without the ‘ ‘).


3. Use Google’s Suggested Keywords

Start typing in the start of your main keyword into the search bar in Google.

You’ll see a list of entries in the drop down menu.

These are keywords that other users have already typed into Google.


Identify Your Profitable Keywords

When you’ve narrowed your search down, think about which of these keywords actually have buyer intent.

If a user is searching for ‘Plumbers’ they may only be looking for information.

Longer tail keywords e.g. ‘Emergency plumber to fix a burst pipe’ have a smaller search volume but they’ll be easier to rank for. Long tail is where the money’s at.






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