The Science Of Lettering


Choose Your Font Carefully

Your choice of typography (font) is a critical design element.

Consider how a reader engages with the copy on a letter or in a newspaper article and you’ll understand why typography is referred to as the science of lettering.


Real Estate Is At A Premium

Given the compact size of a business card, the letters that you choose will probably take up the majority of the space that’s available.

Traditional fonts convey seriousness and a conservative, business like approach.


Blend In Or Stand Out

Times New Roman is a standard font that many businesses use in their letters.

Do you want to blend in (and suffer accusations of being boring) or would you rather stand out?

If it’s (hopefully) the latter then take some time to do your research.

Hint: Impact is a wider font that stands out on smaller print (like a business card).

More info available here: https://creativemarket.com/blog/how-to-choose-the-right-typeface






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